Amateur Tramp

My name is Max Allan and I intend to spend the next three to four years walking around Australia.

I will be visiting every capital city and a whole lot of coastline, forests and every landscape in between.

This site is about saving my stories for the benefit of my future self and others.


As you may have already noticed I’ve not posted in a while. I broke my phone on the gold coast and never really got back into posting since then. But also, I’ve been in Brisbane for the past couple of months having a blast. Now, I’m heading back to Melbourne for the summer. For a […]


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#7 – Jamberoo to Glenorie – interview with Colin Choat Once Around The Block

I took a bit of a holiday from walking and content creation recently but I've finally got around to making this episode about my trip up through Sydney to stay with my Auntie in Glenorie. Also, I interviewed Colin Choat, author of the book 'Amateur Tramp' about Aiden de Brun, the first known man to walk all the way around Australia back in 1921. Go to to sign up to contribute to my content and get yourself a tree planted every month by me, Max Allan
  1. #7 – Jamberoo to Glenorie – interview with Colin Choat
  2. #6 Queanbeyan to Jambaroo | Tarot reading with Isobella
  3. #5 Canberra to Queanbeyen | Interview with Brett McNamara

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